The San Marcos Masjid Board asks ALLAH to grant our non-Muslim visitors conviviality with the Muslims and Guidance from ALLAH. No non-Muslim is permitted on the San Marcos Masjid property, unless accompanied by an escourt appointed by the Board of Directors. Please contact the San Marcos Masjid members of the Board of Directors by the following email link to arrange for a visit. Inshaa'ALLAH.

Email to the San Marcos Board of Directors: theBoard@SanMarcosMasjid.org

Of course, Muslims that regularly make Salah are welcome to escourt their guests in the Masjid for Da3wah. That is, Muslims that regularly make salah are approved escourts, if his or her purpose is Da3wah.

Please forgive us for requiring escourt for non-Muslim visitors. Our intention is to uphold proper manners of the Masjid. Muslims believe that proper manners are given by Revelation from God through His Prophets. Our source texts of Islam are many. For example, we have the The Quran (about 500 pages) and the 6 classical collections of Narratives (over 20,000 pages). Early Muslims made great effort to record these texts in a way that would be historically reliable. With 20,000 pages of naratives of ALLAH's Prophet, Muslims have no need of guessing, whimsy, arbitrary preference, or invention to discern proper manners. Rather, we read and follow. Likewise, when at the Masjid, we ask likewise of our non-Muslim visitors.

Few Muslims have studied in detail these more than 20,000 pages of source text. Nearly all Muslims rely on scholars to pick the best Muslims manners. There is no dishonor in not knowing proper manners and asking. Muslims take full liberty to ask. Likewise, for our visitors, please be at full liberty to ask.