Oh ALLAH, grant the Muslim to seek the good in each other -- for YOUR Good Pleasure! Ameen!

Inshaa'ALLAH. The San Marcos Masjid enjoys the good service and conviviality of the members of the Muslim Students' Association of the Texas State University. The Muslim Students of Texas State University are the plurality of the body of the San Marcos Masjid.

Oh ALLAAH, bring together a community of Muslims in San Marcos Texas; give us Iman (faith) substantial; give us knowledge increasing; Keep us from the prohibited and the disliked; keep us on the permitted and the liked; grant us connection to YOU in Salah, Dua, Zikr; grant us YOUR MERCY; bring us to success in the Garden of the Hereafter; bring us to nearness to YOU. Ameen.

In 2014, the Texas State Universty had 29,458 undergraduates, making the number 5 university in Texas.
Not far behind
  Texas A & M University in College Station at 40,103 undergraduates;
  University of Texas in Austin at 39,955 undergraduates;
  University of Houston at 32,760 undergraduates;
  University of North Texas in Denton at 30,593 undergraduates;

ALLAAH gives us each one life to ask for good deeds from HIM. So, ask ALLAAH for good deeds in the decision process for your acquisition of a school. Consider Texas State University in San Marcos. Make your decision. Make the Istikhara. In a process focused on ALLAAH — seeking to be guided by ALLAAH — you will be seeking MERCY of ALLAAH. Ya ALLAAH, make it so. Ameen.

A link between current and past Texas State University Muslims has been the facebook group: FaceBook for Texas State University's Muslim Students' Association

Some of the Muslim Students' Association ideas and history are here: Wikipedia for Muslim Student Association

Although presently redirected here (after the previous keeper moved on following graduation), the old domain name is available for any MSA students that wish to revive it: http://TxStateMSA.org