Places to Purchase Dhabīḥah for the Community in and around San Marcos

For the non-Muslims reading this page, here is a bit of background in Arabic letters of the word ذَبِيحَة   and its common transliteration.

Dhabīḥah is a transliteration of ذَبِيحَة   from Arabic.

A common alternative spelling for ذَبِيحَة   is zabihah. Notice this notation fails to distinguishing the 'ḥ' and the 'h'.

The Arabic root of the word dhabīḥah is connected to 'taking a life'. We Muslims use the word dhabīḥah to describe the meat that is proper for a Muslim to eat.

For Muslims who wish to improve one's understanding of ذَبِيحَة   — here are 3 links:

Ask ALLAAH for HIS Guidance and Sustanance, for HE is the Only Provider!